Merge multiple ICS files in one for Outlook import

Prepare all related ics files

  1. Go to calendar and save each relevant event as dedicated ics file (use save as) in one directory

Merge all ics files into one

  1. open command line
  2. navigate to the directory where all your ics files are located
  3. merge them easy together by executing the command copy *.ics all.ics

Fine-tuning of the merged ics before import

If you try to import the ics without fine-tuning, it will not work. Outlook will import only one event. To make it possible, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the merged ics files with your favorite editor
  2. Ensure BEGIN:VCALENDAR exists only once at the first event
  3. Remove all other BEGIN:VCALENDAR of other events (use search and replace function)
  4. Ensure END:VCALENDAR exists only once at the end of a file
  5. Remove all other END:VCALENDAR of other events (use search and replace function)
  6. Ensure you have a clean rows between events, without unnecessary space characters:

Import your final file in your Outlook calendar

  1. Go to file > open and export > import / export
  2. select iCalender (ICS) import as action > next
  3. select your final ics files > import
  4. select dedicated calendar or just import in your current calendar

2 Antworten auf „Merge multiple ICS files in one for Outlook import“

  1. Cool, funktioinert.
    Ein vernĂŒftiges Betriebssystem wĂŒrde einfach ein „Open Multiple file with“ ermöglichen.

  2. Danke! Das in ein OS einzubauen ist ggf. auch zu viel verlangt.
    Dieser Use Case wird doch aus meiner Sicht viel zu selten in der Breite verwendet.
    Aber nice wÀre es trotzdem.

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