Backup robocopy on Windows rsync on MAC

Windows robocopy based backup

create backup.cmd file with following content

Robocopy „C:\Pictures“ „N:\Backup\Pictures“ /FFT /MIR /COPY:DT /DCOPY:T /R:1 /W:1

Robocopy „C:\Musik“ „N:\Backup\Musik“ /FFT /MIR /COPY:DT /DCOPY:T /R:1 /W:1

source: own script developed in last years

Mac OS rsync based backup

rsync -rt --delete --progress ~/Documents/Picture /Volumes/NAS/backup/

used options in rsync

–delete most critical option, ensures deletion of files on destination, if destination have more files compared to source directory

–progress shows progress in the bash, quite informative if you want to see what’s going on during the backup

-r transverse all subdirectories contained within the source directory and copy the subdirectories and their content to the destination directory

-t preserve timestamps of source files

more information in source:

How to create and run script on MAC without 3rd party apps

  1. start bash
  2. open the editor vi and learn to navigate with :i ESC :w :q :wq :q!
  3. enter the code
    #! /bin/bash
    rsync -rt --delete --progress ~/Documents/Picture /Volumes/NAS/backup/
  4.  run the script in bash

    hostname:Documents user$ sh

  5. or via double click but therefore you need (source)

    chmod a+x + associate the sh with

  6. or make it executable from Spotlight by
    • rename from *.sh to *.command
    • set rights with chmod +x *.command

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