Lateral Leadership

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Lateral Leadership in Agile Organizations

Modern network organizations, agile organizational structures and processes are more likely to rely on self-organization and distributed management tasks and/or processes. Leadership roles. In an agile context, explicit managerial employee relationships are broken up and management responsibilities are divided between cross-functional teams. Titles and hierarchies have undesirable effects on team collaboration and dynamism. So there is no longer only “the” one manager or “the” manager. Leadership is no longer a given force. So there are fewer or no leaders, but leadership roles. And according to the expertise and context, many of them may even be.

Definition Lateral Leadership

Lateral leadership means leadership without disciplinary leadership, without authority. The guide direction is not limited from top to bottom. Lateral or peer leadership has an explicit effect on the horizontal level. Everyone has leadership responsibilities towards their colleagues. It does not matter where they are located in the artificial hierarchy. This explicitly includes the direction of employee to boss.

The great challenge for employees is to recognize the importance of their own leadership and to take responsibility for it and to find ways and ways to do it.

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